Healthy Mind: Embedded With Sara

In my vlog (Healthy Mind: Embedded With Sara) and my written blog, I will share 3 things:

  1. I live it. I will share it: I am actively working with my mind all day every day. I am working on it even now as I write this about page. I will share what it is like to do that, how I do it, and the results I feel it brings me. I will share failures and successes. In getting a feeling for how I do it, you can find your way to do it yourself. Or maybe you are already working with your mind actively and want some encouragement and connection. Wonderful! Join me and share how you do it and what you are learning.
  2. What I study: I study this stuff all the time. I will share the most important things I am learning. The areas I study most: neuroscience, healthy relationships, well-being, health and healing, resilience, mindfulness,  compassion, and self-compassion. Areas I want to study more: sound, music, colors, body work, and movement.
  3. The full spectrum: Working with my mind everyday has lead me to see and experience the world in a certain way. I will share how I experience the little world immediately around me and then the larger world all around me. I will share the wonderful and amazing things I see around me and also the difficult and discouraging. Because both are here right now.